Personal payday loan at the best rate in Belgium: how to find it?

The personal payday loan can solve a capital need in case of loss of income or lack of budget for the realization of a project. It is essential to negotiate and obtain the best market rate for the process to be attractive.

The total cost of a loan

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Taking out a personal payday loan commits you to paying monthly payments for a defined period, which is why it is imperative to find the lowest rate. Since this is a personal payday loan, all of the related costs include interest and administration fees, also known as the APR.

This is what borrowers rely on to find the best deals. It is a fixed rate, defined in advance and final, all the more reason to negotiate it well. To benefit from the most advantageous proposal, you must also compare the repayment periods, the amount that can be granted.

Each bank applies its own rate but in general, personal payday loan offers online offer the lowest rates.

Online rate comparators

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Convenient and allowing you to obtain vital information, the online personal payday loan comparator is the most reliable solution for finding the best rate. You just have to fill in the data concerning you in a form so that the conditions of your credit are communicated to you. This approach avoids taking out a loan which will reserve you unpleasant surprises since the clauses are clear and the assessments as close as possible to reality.

With a fixed rate and predefined deadlines, you are at ease for the repayment of your loan while knowing clearly what you are committing to. As this is an unrestricted loan, your bank will not require any proof of use, which speeds up the processing of your request. This flexibility does have repercussions on the rate, which is among the highest in the market.

Do not hesitate to use your “good payer” profile as an argument to negotiate your own. Do several simulations to really play the competition, it’s free! It is by playing with the data that you inform that you will find the best combination.

Tips for paying your personal payday loan cheaper

Tips for paying your personal loan cheaper

Keep in mind that the shorter the repayment period, the less expensive the credit will be. Regarding the rate, a drop as minimal as it may ultimately save you up to a hundred dollars.

The services of a broker will not be superfluous for this type of negotiation where it is essential to obtain a drop in the fixed rate which will be applied. Find out beforehand about market trends so that you can defend your cause. On average, the APR in Belgium fluctuates between 4.7% and 15.5% of the total cost of the loan while the amount you can request can range from 2,500 to 150,000 dollars.

Online simulators generally offer 2 types of rates, which must be taken into account for better comparison. The average rates which are determined from the rates signed by Internet users and the minimum rates which represent the lowest rates actually applied.